The Audience Hall of Apadana
The Apadana was the first building constructed and is the most important on the terrace of Persepolis . It stood architecturally and in the sense of urban planning as the hub of the terrace. It is an architectural wonder of the ancient world - its clever construction enabled dimensions without comparison in its time. The 20 meter (65,5 ft) high columns were the tallest and thinnest that architects had mastered - and construction-wise, it was a clever feat. In many respects its construction was a masterpiece of architecture. The architects of Darius had the courage to raise the height of the columns 1.5 meters (4,9ft) higher than those of the Temple of Artemisia at Ephesus and to refine the tapering of the diameter to 1:12. The distance between the columns , in comparison to the 5.9 meters (19,4ft) at the Temple of Artemisia, was stretched to an astounding 8.65 meters (28,4 ft). This unique wide-spacing resulted in a festive spacious atmosphere in the Apadana. The effect of which was only possible by combining stone columns and wood ceiling beams.