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With our expertise in architecture, construction and historical research, we provide clients with 3D virtual reconstruction models of ancient structures and sites. In addition to our technical and professional qualifications, the size of our team allows us to provide clients with personal and efficient services. Please contact us for more information on how best we can serve you with your upcoming projects.

3D-Reconstruction and Visualization

To reconstruct archaeological findings involves more than just the visualization of what the structure might have looked like. More importantly, it shows the architectural, constructional, and the urban relationships and can be very helpful in investigating the plausibility of archeological solutions.

Our years of experience and knowledge in principles of construction and statics provide us with the best tools for rebuilding historical sites. Further, because of our expertise and know-how regarding town planning and its history, we possess the additional qualifications required to unravel the structures of ancient cities. We use precise CAD-programs to make the modeling of the topography of the terrain and exact building constructions, and use special 3D-visualization and animation programs to make the modeling of the irregular-shaped and organic objects and the natural composition of surfaces and light. Our 3D models may be presented as single pictures or films in either a schematic or realistic format incorporating materials, lighting, and special effects.

Virtual reconstruction makes it possible to see and visualize an object or a building from every angle and perspective. Every corner and angle of such sites can be created from the viewpoint of the people who lived then. Further we can modify our models to reflect any future archaeological findings.


Our team creates precise 3D models in cooperation with archaeologist. We use archaeological documentations such as drawings, plans, on-site photographs, and written texts. At the client's request, we can conduct our own textual and onsite research.


Panoramic View

A quick-time panorama makes a circumferential view possible. From a fixed position the user can turn on his own axis and view the space in 360-degree form and look up and down or zoom in and out. A panoramic view is suitable for inside the structures as well as urban situations and natural landscapes. It can be used to generate virtual or real scenes.

In this way, panoramas are appropriate for showing the interior of Apadana as well as the gardens of the Treasury and the landscape around Persepolis.

Object Panorama

With this kind of panorama, the viewer can move around the object and observe it from all sides.

Object panorama is appropriate for studying single objects regardless of their size. The object can be a building such as Gate of All Nations or a column or a stand-alone bullhead-capital.

Interactive Section

By using interactive and 3D building sections, the inside of the structures and their functions can be viewed. In real-time horizontal or vertical directions, the user can create a section layer in a building or any object.

Real-time walk through

Computer games, and 3D-levels that allow the user virtual entrance can be very helpful in educational purposes and providing a realistic look at historical architecture.

With virtual walk through, the reconstructions of historical buildings and cities can be explored in a realistic way. The user can move about freely and visit a building or any other object from any perspective or angle in real-time. Like a visitor, the user can stroll in the gardens of Persepolis, observe the construction of the buildings, or travel from building to building.


Interactive simulation can be very helpful in investigating the possibilities of a reconstruction and all the various optional solutions to archaeological problems and their plausibility experiments as well as showing the various stages of a building construction during different time periods or images of historical sites during different seasons and time of the day.


Schools, museums, and other institutions can use interactive explaining graphics to provide information to their students or visitors. The users gain knowledge through a direct, focused, and entertaining tool.


We can help you in choosing the right type of media that best fits your presentation format. Our knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of media in connection with different presentation formats allows us to find the right type that best suits your goals.


Virtual Exhibition

To plan your exhibition we can provide you with the visualization of the existing and planed exhibition rooms. This is an effective means during the decision making process in the planning phase. In such visualizations, the furniture, color of the walls, and lighting can be tested easily during the early phases.

The walkways of the visitors can also be virtually and interactively tested and optimized.

Display Boards

We can provide you with the layout for your Display Boards for outdoor and indoor use. We can help you in creating designs for high-quality information concept and their implementation. We provide consultation on choosing the best media and presentation possibility in accordance with your technical requirements.

Advertising Material

We can provide you with professional assistance for creating an advertising portfolio. We can help your organization to develop unique solutions for the special requirements for your projects accordance with your corporate identity. Our expertise includes designs for flyers, postcards, posters, brochures, advertising materials, online-advertising campaigns, as well as logos.

Graphical Work


The priorities in a map design are information and clear configuration. We provide innovative and aesthetic designs based on your entire concept.

Informational Graphics and Illustration

We can create a variety of graphics and illustrations and edit all of your template data. Our goal is to create high quality visualization to present information in an innovative way by using our talent and skill in aesthetics and expertise in optic and content.



We can create any media type in accordance with your templates. The basis can be field sketches and drafts or digital data. Any graphical edit of plans and images is possible. We can create plans for prints, slides, plots, PowerPoint-suitable and internet-suitable graphical data.


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