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1. With Paypal, you may easily purchase digital files. The purchase of a $20 digital package shows your support for our work while  providing you with10 unique and very impressive interactive panoramic views along with 27 images and a poster.

We are in need of your support. The Persepolis virtual reconstruction took 6000 hours over 6 years of our own personal time without any financial support. Some 128 conscientious visitors supported this project in the last 2 years by buying our products on this page. Please join our supporters. With your patronage, the development of this project can continue.

The Digital Package contains a 43,6 Mbyte Zipfile with following files:

10 x Quicktime Panorama
High Quality
800 x 450 Pixel

17x Virtual Images
High Quality
1920 x 1080 Pixel
10 Digital Images
High Quality
2592 x 1944 Pixel
Digital Poster
High Reselution
Digital print Size
20 x 30 inch / 300 DPI

After your payment transaction with Paypal is completed you will be automatically guided to where the digital package can be downloaded.

2. In the Persepolis3D Storefront, you may order Persepolis3D prints, t-shirts, caps, postcards and more. Please note - we use high    resolution  lossless PNG original images.

3. For Your donation

We are in need of financial support from companies, educational institutions, philanthropists, and lovers of ancient history. We are taking preliminary steps in virtual reconstruction of two other sites in collaboration with archaeologists in the field: (1) Pasargadae, the birthplace of the Persian Empire and origin of the Father of Iran, Cyrus the Great; and (2) Susa, the birthplace of Iranian civilization.
The Persepolis virtual reconstruction took about 6000 hours of our own personal time without any financial support. The Pasargadae and Susa projects will take just as much time and effort. We believe these two projects will be as successful as Persepolis which was incorporated in a recent film entitled Persepolis, a Glance at an Empire scheduled for release in Europe on April 1, 2006.
Together with your patronage, we can continue to educate our children and the world about the Iranian legacy.

Copyright Issues
Please note that the contents of the digital package are for private use only and are copyright ©2006 Kourosh Afhami & Wolfgang Gambke,, and protected under U.S. and International Copyright laws. No unauthorized reproduction, alteration, or distribution of the images, in part or in whole, is permitted without explicit written permission from the authors. All Trademarks used in this publication are the property of their respective owners.