This quarter's update of our project was made possible through kind patronage of two devoted lovers of ancient Iranian history.

We have finally been able to begin our long-time desire to virtually reconstruct Pasargadae with the support of Dr. Babak Ghalekhani*, who generously responded to our call for financial support. The virtual reconstruction of Pasargadae is primarily based on the excavation documentations by Prof. David Stronach and Ali Sami. As we have done for our Persepolis3D project, our focus in Pasargadae3D project will also be the exactitude and accuracy of the architecture and providing a conclusive concept of the master plan of the complex. It is – as the persepolis3D has been – a work in progress which will grow and be completed by collaboration with leading archaeologists in this field. We want to take this opportunity to encourage all lovers of ancient history, companies, educational institutions and philanthropists to join our supporters. Together with your patronage, we can continue to educate our children and the world about Iranian legacy.

* Dr. Babak Ghalekhany graduated from University of Umea, Sweden, as a Dental Surgeon in 1994. He is currently practicing in United Kingdom. Besides his medical career, he has researched the field of Iranian history especially early Achaemenid history and reign of Cyrus the Great with detailed studies of Babylonian sources from reign of Nabonidus, Babylonian temple administration from Eanna temple at Uruk and Ebabara temple at Sippar and study of Greek sources especially Xenophon's Cyropedia ("The Education of Cyrus the Great").


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